Resizing Maps for Print

Many times people have asked me how I print the maps from Pathfinder Society Scenarios as full size battlemaps. So I decided to make a tutorial.

Step 1
Extract the image from the PDF – there are a myriad of methods and apps to accomplish this and I won’t cover them here.

Step 2
Open the image in Photoshop / GIMP or other photo editing software.

step 1

Step 3
Select a piece of the map with nice visible gridlines. a 2 x 2 square with a half square border is ideal.

select 2x2

Step 4
Copy the selected square and paste as a NEW image.

paste as new

Step 5
Crop the new image down to the gridlines so its an exact 2 x 2 square.


Step 6
Open the image size tool.

resize image tool

Step 7
Change the drop down to select ‘percent’.

resize - percent

Step 8
Change the width & height to as near as 2 inches as possible- note the percent increase required (500% in this case).

resize 2inch

Step 9
Back on the main image, resize by the percentage you noted in step 8.

Step 10
Save the image.

Step 11
Open posterazor – change the settings to (inches).

posterazer 1


Step 12
Open the image you just saved – press next.

posterazer 0

Step 13
Select the paper size you use, leave the orientation as it is for now, set borders to 0.5 inch (this will depend on your printers borders) -press next.

posterazer 2

Step 14
Set the overlaps to 1 inch (you can go smaller if you prefer) – press next.

posterazer 3

Step 15
Make sure size in percent is 100%, use the buttons to align the image for best best fit to the pages – you can skip back and change the orientation (portrait/landscape) to find the smallest number of pages – press next.

posterazer 4

Step 16
Save the PDF. print as required, cut off the white borders & stick together with a glue stick or tape.








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